Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best over the counter acne medications

« ...The best acne treatments usually focuses on the process of self care and the proper way of cleaning the skin, keeping it oil free and also by indulging in a well nutrients balanced diet with foods high in zinc, fiber and different kinds of raw foods, also by avoiding alcohol, tobacco, dairy products, sugar, caffeine, processed foods and other foods with high iodine content like salt. All of these are regarded as the best treatments done in natural way without resorting to medication....
...Also associated with the dos and don'ts of skin care for acne prone men is the method by which men shave themselves. Carelessly shaving off facial hair can scrape or nick certain acne lesions, and this can cause possible scarring. If shaving is unavoidable, you can use safer methods of shaving, like using electric razors or making sure that the hair you are about to shave off is soft enough for easy shaving....»

«...Usually, more teenage boys are affected by severe acne than the teenage girls but the condition is still equally damaging to both....»
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