Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acne, pores, chest, back,shoulders, neck, why

« ...Protecting yourself from the sun is important if you wish to prevent acne scarring. Even though a tanned or burnt face will make it appear as though you have no acne... when that tan or burn dies down your face will look worse than it originally did. So apply sunscreen and wear a protective hat whenever you go out into that glaring sun....
...Add a lot of natural foods in your diet- Try to avoid any and every kind of processed food and stick to all natural diet for several days. You see this would help cleanse your body and skin. Our eating habits affect not only our body but our skin too in several ways and one of the major reasons why people have acne is also due to the fact that people are on the wrong eating patterns and are often addicted to junk food....»

«...Unfortunately, even the best of skin care regimens will still allow a few pesky pimples through. The important thing to remember when a pimple appears is that you can get rid of it quickly if you treat it properly! ...»
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